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Who Are We?

Someone recently asked who is behind Shape Our Fremont. This is an opportune time to let folks know of some changes coming.

Since December 2012, we have posted on this Shape Our Fremont website publically available information regarding new residential developments being proposed for the City of Fremont. We have sent out notice emails to those who have asked to be on our private email list (see below.) We have posted Facebook notices. We have written bi-monthly articles in Tri-City Voice under the Shape Our Fremont banner.

All of this was output solely by the two of us. We are not associated with any other group or political party and have no real estate or building industry interests. We are just two retired Fremont residents who care and see a need for dissemination of organized information.

As private residents, we have attended most Planning Commission and City Council meetings that have had a new residential development on the agenda. From those nearly 200 meetings, we have learned a great deal about the planning approval process.

In February 2017, Alice Cavette was appointed to the Planning Commission.

As a Planning Commissioner, Alice pledges to be ethical and fair to all parties but must also consider the public perception of influence. Therefore she may have to step back from Shape Our Fremont other than to post the website data.

The primary mission of Shape Our Fremont has always been to both inform residents and encourage residents to voice their concerns.

Chris and Alice Cavette - March 2017

We believe that Fremont would be a better place to live if all residents – homeowners and renters alike – were involved in shaping changes to our city. We feel it is important to offer information about new developments proposed for Fremont.

We are not associated with any development or real estate company. We do not provide floor plans or sales information. We are not doing this as a business venture.

The Shape Our Fremont website was created to present timely, accurate information about proposed developments and to provide ways for residents to effectively convey their comments and concerns.

  • Proposed developments are listed as well as brief descriptions of the projects, city planner contacts and the status of where the projects are in the approval process. See the Developments page...
  • The development application process is explained in easy-to-understand terms along with notes about how residents can voice their opinions at each stage. See the Process page...
  • Contact information for the city planning staff, commissioners and council members is posted all on a single page. See the Contacts page...
  • There is information on what to expect if you attend city meetings as well as advice on speaking to voice your concerns. See the Meetings page...
  • There are links to documents and municipal codes posted by the City of Fremont. See the Documents page...
  • To help residents learn about development projects long before they go to the city for approval, we:

  • Watch for land sales, developers' community meetings and city notices
  • Regularly contact the city planning staff asking for development updates
  • Visit the city planning department offices to view preliminary development plans
  • Send out news notices to those on our private email list
  • We encourage you to tell city planners how you feel about a development's density, layout, building height, exterior architecture, loss of trees, traffic, parking, and other issues. See the city planning staff listed for each development.

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