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Fremont Community Plan Areas
  Downtown, The Hub, Health Care District, Cherry/Guardino, Parkmont
  Centerville, Glenmoor, Cabrillo, Brookvale
  Irvington, Grimmer, Blacow, Sundale, South Sundale, 28 Palms
 Mission San Jose
  Mission Hills, Mission San Jose, Mission Valley, Kimber/Gomes, Weibel, Cameron Hills
  Niles, Vallejo Mills, Canyon Heights, Niles Crest
 Warm Springs
  Avalon, Vineyards, Warm Springs
 North Fremont
  Ardenwood, Lakes and Birds, Northgate, Decoto
 South Fremont
  Warm Springs BART Station Area
 Bayside Industrial
  Creekside, Baylands, Pacific Commons,
East Industrial
  Northern Baylands including Coyote Hills Regional Park, Southern Baylands
 Hill Area
  Northern Hill Area, Central Hill Area,
Southern Hill Area
Community Plan Areas
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