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GRANITE RIDGE (PLN2015-00167): 37350 Sequoia Road

Application's City Staff Project Planner: Bill Roth

Granite Ridge
View of Apartment Building from Interior of Project

View Along Sequoia

City Council Approved Alternative 2 of the Appeal 11/10/15

The Council directed Staff to work with the developer to:

  • Remove the 10-foot-tall towers from the top of the two stairwells at the front of apartment building so that the building has a maximum height of 45 feet
  • Change the color palette to more closely complement the other buildings in the neighborhood
  • Plan for the townhouses to be solar-ready
  • Provide more EV charging stations
  • Although several Councilmembers listed providing more parking spaces, that was dropped from the final list of conditions.

    City Council Agenda

    Planning Commission 9/24/15 Meeting Draft Minutes

    Revised Development Plans

    Planning Commission Denied Approval Sept. 24th

    Planning Commission Agenda

    Development Plans

    Environmental Review Initial Study

    The Granite Ridge development proposed by DPD Investments is located at 37350 Sequoia Rd. This was the former City of Fremont Corp Yard near Quarry Lakes at the corner of Sequoia Rd. and Paseo Padre. It is in the Centerville Community Plan Area.

  • 132 127 dwelling units on approximately 4.68 acres
  • 56 54 townhouses of three bedrooms in eleven 3-story buildings
  • The townhouse 2-car garages are a mix of tandem and side-by-side
  • 76 73 apartments of one and two bedrooms in a 4-story building on Paseo Padre
  • All apartment parking is outside
  • Access will be off Paseo Padre and Sequoia Rd
  • A Fremont Landmark Tree is on the property. Landmark Tree CEN15 is a 25 foot-high Bottle Brush (Callistemon viminalis)
  • Previously GRANITE RIDGE PRP (PLN2015-00031) by Citation Homes for 126 units.

    The Community Courtesy Meeting is by SCS Development/Citation Homes Central. When we asked why it wasn't DPD Investments, we were told "DPD is the property owner and the applicant; DPD is an entity that was formed and is controlled by Stephen C. Schott, just as SCS was..."

    The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: Bill Roth

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