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WASHINGTON RESIDENTIAL (PLN2013-00004): 3111 & 3065 Washington Blvd.

Application's City Staff Project Planner: Clifford Nguyen

City Council approved General Plan Amendment and Second Reading of development on 7/16/13

City Council amended the General Plan Land Use from Residential Low density to Residential Low-Medium density for this development property. It is claimed that this zoning would be "transitional" from the Timber Creek Medium Density area, but the property only borders that Medium Density area in a small part of the northwest corner.

The General Plan was reviewed and updated 18 months ago. This is an amendment to accomodate a single development.

A revised condition states "The applicant shall work with staff to include a standard monolithic sidewalk that shall be constructed with the private street to allow public pedestrian access to between Washington Boulevard and Alice Court."

City Council Approved Parts of Development (w/ pedestrian walkway) 6/18/13

Some parts of the development application were subject to a "straw vote" rather than a full vote because they depended on approvals beyond the scope of this hearing. The majority of the City Council favored the "straw vote" items. See the agenda for item list.

City Council 6/18/13 Agenda
[this has links to plans and communications]

Planning Commission Recommended Approval 5/23/13

The Planning Staff has recommended the following requirement: "E-6. The applicant shall work with staff to include an enhanced pedestrian walkway that shall be constructed within the private street (e.g., stamped color asphalt) to allow pedestrian access to Alice Court."

Inroads Church

Development Plan

The Washington Residential Planned District proposed by Lennar Homes is located at the InRoads Church property at 3111 Washington Blvd. That is close to where Olive intersects Washington Blvd. just east of Driscoll. It is in the Mission San Jose Community Plan Area.

  • There will be 8 duets and 1 single-family detached residence totaling 17 residential units built on 1.89 acres. A duet is a pair of single-family, individually-owned units sharing a common wall.
  • The property is adjacent to 3 single-family homes and is across a creek from the Timber Creek Terrace condominiums.
  • The General Plan Land Use Designation will be amended to change that area from "Low Density" to "Low-Medium Density Residential".
  • The houses are all two-story with four bedrooms and have two-car garages facing a new private street.
  • The duets are 50 feet wide and are 8 feet apart leaving only a 4-foot side-access between building and fence.
  • Access will be off of Washington Blvd. similar to the current InRoads Church driveway.
  • The new private street between the buildings will be "double-loaded" [no sidewalks]. It will not go through to Alice Street.
  • Additional parking will be adjacent to the single detached residence.
  • On the Alice Street side, there will be a bio-retention area and emergency access similar to what is currently there.
  • 24 of the 56 existing trees will be removed.
  • Neighbors, including several from nearby Alice Court, attended Community Courtesy meetings held by Lennar in January and May of 2012.

    The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: Clifford Nguyen

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