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PALMDALE ESTATES PLANNED DISTRICT (PLN2013-00189): 159 Washington Blvd

Application's City Staff Project Planner: Joel Pullen

Starr and Best Houses

City Council approved development on 11/18/14

Robson Homes changed the plans between the Planning Commission hearing and the City Council hearing.
An ADA handicapped parking space was added near the entrance to the Core Area. Three houses on the south side of the new east-west Street A were lowered. Four parking spaces on Street A were removed.

November 18th City Council Agenda

Planning Commission recommended approval October 23rd

October 23rd Planning Commission Agenda

Historical Architectural Review Board recommended approval

Because Palmdale Estates is listed on the City's Register of Historic Resources and lies within the Mission San Jose Historical Overlay District,
H.A.R.B. had to determine that the layout of the planned district and exterior architecture of the buildings is appropriate.

October 16th H.A.R.B. Agenda

Draft Focused Environmental Impact Report (EIR) [19 MB]

Mission San Jose Historical Overlay District Guidelines [4 MB]

Palmdale Estates Planned District Site Plan

Palmdale Estates Aerial Map

The Palmdale Estates Planned District proposed by Robson Homes is located at 159 Washington Blvd. off an extension of Bryant Terrace near Mission San Jose. It is in the Mission San Jose Community Plan Area.

The Palmdale estate is currently owned by the Sisters of the Holy Family. Earlier owners include the Beard, Gallegos, Lachman, Metzgar, Davis, Best and Starr families. The estate includes gardens expanded by Lachman. The Best House and the Starr House were built in the late 1920's. The Motherhouse was built in the late 1950's.

  • 79 new houses will be built on the 5.6 acres to the south of the gardens.
  • The Best and Starr (Armer Hall) houses will be rehabilitated and sold as single-family residences.
  • The Motherhouse will be torn down. New care housing will be built for the Sisters in the northwest area of the estate.
  • The 5.4-acre gardens in the northeast area of the property will be designated as Open Space.
  • 10 of the new houses will be two-story, including 7 larger houses that face the gardens.
  • The other 69 will be three-story buildings in a mixture of "standalones" and "duet" pairs that have a common wall between them.
  • Despite the use of single-family houses, this will be a multi-family development.
  • A tot lot has been added to the project in place of one unit.
  • Traffic will be primarily via Bryant Terrace off of Washington Blvd.
  • Bryant Terrace will be extended north and then branched east toward Mission Blvd.
  • There will be a new "right-in, right-out" entrance off of Mission Blvd. connecting with the extension of Bryant Terrace.
  • Two new U-shaped loop roads will come off the extended Bryant Terrace for access to the inner groups of houses.
  • The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: Joel Pullen

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