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Application's City Staff Project Planner: Steve Kowalski

11/17/17: Per Staff Planner Steve Kowalski:
An historical impact survey of the project determined it would have a "significant and unavoidable impact" on the old Centerville fire station, which is potentially eligible for historical status.
As a result, the project will be delayed approximately 8 months while an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is prepared. Because many residents expressed concerns about traffic, the EIR will also include a traffic study to determine if impacts associated with the project can be reduced or avoided.

72 Townhouses Behind Fremont Blvd. Commercial Front

Site Plan

Full PDF of Plan


The Silicon Sage Fremont Blvd. Mixed-Use Project consists of 14 parcels along Fremont Blvd. between Parish Ave. and Peralta Blvd. in the Centerville Community Plan Area. This is within the Centerville Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Overlay and the Centerville Town Center.

On October 3rd, the City Council chose Alternative A from three scenerios regarding disposition of the old fire house and two parcels.
"A) Silicon Sage would rehabilitate the old Fire Station, including completing tenant improvements enabling the building to be repurposed for a public use such as a recreational programming facility. The City would retain ownership and manage the new use. In exchange, the City would agree to sell the Rose Court parcel and the remainder of the Parcel 1 land behind the old Fire Station to Silicon Sage to be incorporated into its development project. Silicon Sage would also provide parking for the repurposed building as part of its new development. This scenario also allows the City to consider sale of the rehabilitated building at a later date should it decide it does not wish to retain ownership for a public purpose."

No City Council Review Necessary: This application is not a Planned District and will conform to the current zoning. The Planning Commission is the approving body. Only if the Planning Commission decision is appealed would it go before the City Council. See Approval Body section of the Process page.
  • 64 flats and 72 townhomes, plus 25,000 sq. ft. of ground-floor retail space on 4.8 acres
  • The 3-story mixed-use buildings [w/ small 4-story section] will front on Fremont Blvd.
  • The 3-story townhouses will be behind off Jason Way.
  • The old Centerville fire station will be rehabilitated
  • The rest of the city-owned fire station parcel (37) will be part of the overall project
  • Parking will be in an underground garage and in the townhouses
  • Previously SILICON-SAGE MIXED-USE PRP (PLN2016-00316)

    The public may view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: Steve Kowalski

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