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URSA PROJECT (PLN2017-00188): 48495 Ursa Drive

Application's City Staff Project Planner: Bill Roth

City Council Approved March 6th

Planning Commission Recommended Approval February 8th
Planning Commission Agenda

HARB Recommended Approval January 18th

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now posted at Environmental Reports.

Ursa Location Map

Ursa Site Plan

The Ursa Project Planned District development proposed by Robson Homes is located at 48495 Ursa Dr. in the Warm Springs Community Plan Area. This is the Silva property located between Warm Springs Blvd. and Ursa Dr. just south of Mayten Way.

  • 17 new two-story single-family residences on 2.67 acres
  • A 1928 house and water tank tower will be relocated on the site and rehabilitated ***
  • The 1905 barn, a garage, several sheds and a fruit processing building will be demolished
  • Each house will have a side-by-side 2-car garage
  • Access will be off Ursa Dr. opposite Plomosa Way
  • *** This restoration must be approved by the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB).

    The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: Bill Roth

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