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NILES GATEWAY (PLN2014-00338): 37899 Niles Blvd.

Application's City Staff Project Planner: David Wage


City Council approved development on 3/3/15

Note from Cliff Nguyen on 3/23/15:

RE: Condition B-29. The applicant shall work with Community Development Department to reduce the overall project density and to modify and refine the site plan to provide additional on-site parking.

"There was a short meeting with the applicant, Doug Rich, to go over the conditions added by the City Council. The applicant is currently revising its plans and we do not have anything new to share. They are looking at several options to refine the plans to add additional parking on-site, which would result in a reduction of one or more units. As you know, the applicant continues to offer to meet with the community so you can message this on your webpage.

The Fremont City Council approved this project 3 to 2 with added Conditions of Approval.

"Attachment 3 - Findings and Conditions" - From Cliff Nguyen 3/19/2015

Conditions of Approval - By Shape Our Fremont - Updated 3/18/2015

March 3rd City Council Agenda
with links to documents

Planning Commission recommended approval with 9 conditions of approval

1) Restrict the height of the first two rows of townhouses adjacent to 3rd Street to 24 feet.
2) Provide a safety buffer between the linear park and the railroad.
3) Eliminate metal siding. [This was first stated as "metallic elements".]
4) Explore having an EVA gate between the new street and Chase Ct.
5) Add historical signage of the past industrial uses. [HARB had requested that when reviewing the demolition of the Henkel buildings.]
6) Build the sound wall before grading begins.
7) There should be no 2nd-story windows at the ends of the units facing 2nd and 3rd Streets.
8) Revisit the guest parking in the interior loop section of the development. There are currently only four spaces.
9) Work with Planning staff to improve circulation. [What "circulation" was not detailed in the wording of the condition.]

A tenth suggestion was made to make sure the CC&R's for the homeowners retained the condition that garages be used only for parking cars.

[Note: There was confusion about the exact wording of these conditions - we've done our best to report this correctly.]

Feb. 12th Planning Commission Agenda

Special Studies Appendices to the Environmental Review Initial Study
[Very large and detailed files.]

H.A.R.B. recommended denial on January 15th

H.A.R.B. said project did not conform to the Niles Historic Overlay District Guidelines for the following reasons:

- The density makes the massing too great and the amount of green space too small.
- There are too many 3-story units and their architecture accentuated their height.
- There should be less use of metal elements - remove metal wall paneling, decrease the use of steel, change metal roll-up doors on the live/work units.
- There should be more use of materials from past Niles buildings like the brick used on the bank and Kraft tile.
- There should be more use of historical architectural elements like the extended roof overhang used by Wurster in the design of the office building for the Schuckl Cannery.

[Note: There was confusion about the exact wording of these reasons - we've done our best to report this correctly.]

CEQA Initial Study [3 MB]
[Traffic considerations are on page 82 of PDF. This report includes development plans and an artist's rendition of architecture.]

Because the property lies within the Niles Historic Overlay District, the project went before H.A.R.B.


Niles Gateway Location

Henkel/Schuckl Cannery Development Plans [12.3 MB]

The Henkel/Schuckl Cannery development proposed by Valley Oak Partners is located at 37899 Niles Blvd. in the Niles Community Plan Area.
The owner is now Lennar Homes of California.

This is the former site of Henkel Corp. and the Schuckl Cannery on Niles Blvd. near the railroad underpass at the southeast end of town.

A history of the site can be read in the Tri-City Voice's History: Ames-Victory-Schuckl-Am Chem: Manufacturing in Niles article.

  • 98 residential units will be built on 6.07 acres.
  • There will be 85 townhouses in the main residential area. They will be a mixture of 2- and 3-story units.
  • There will be a "CRAFT Building" with a community center, a retail space for a restaurant, 7 live-work units, 4 townhouses and 2 one-bedroom apartments above the restaurant.
  • Access will be either off Niles Blvd. at the north end of the property or off Chase Ct which is reached via J and 3rd St.
  • The current stub road accessing Alameda Creek will be a linear park with no vehicle access or parking.
  • The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: David Wage

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