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STEVENSON PLACE FAMILY HOMES (PLN2016-00184): Stevenson Place

Application's City Staff Project Planner: David Wage

City Council approved development on 06/07/16

City Council Agenda

Planning Commission Recommended Approval May 12th

Planning Commission Agenda

Stevenson Place

Stevenson Place
Location Map

The Stevenson Place Family Homes proposed by MidPen is located at Stevenson Place near the intersection of Stevenson Blvd. and Mission Blvd. It is in the Central Community Plan Area.

  • 80 units on 2.3 acres
  • 3- and 4-story buildings with a maximum height of 50 feet 8 inches
  • One, two and three bedroom units
  • Access is off Stevenson Place to a new private street
  • 107 on-site uncovered parking spaces
  • 23 additional guest parking spaces will be along Stevenson Place
  • They are claiming a State mandated Density Bonus (DBO) because of the affordable units
  • They are claiming two parking incentives and a height incentive with the DBO
  • This is not the privately-owned parcel to the east STEVENSON PLACE DEVELOPMENT (PLN2015-00283)

    The public may arrange to view the development plans by contacting the Application's City Staff Project Planner: David Wage

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